Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sharma's TV license should be suspended

Anthony Vieira and PNC leader
Robert Corbin during a PNC
press briefing

Liveinguyana, like many others we have spoken to, is of the view that condign action should be taken against CNS Channel 6 for its latest breach of the Guyana Post and Telegraph Act, Chapter 47:01, Regulation 23A which took place when the TV station broadcasted Anthony Vieira's misleading and inflammatory statements and unsubstantiated allegations against Chairman of the ethnic Relations Commission (ERC), Bishop Juan Edghill.
An apology and a flimsy excuse is not sufficient since Sharma should've had proper measures in place to prevent this recurrence especially given that similar actions resulted in suspensions and other forms of sanctions against his TV Station.
Simply put; Sharma should've learnt his lesson


  1. This step will be an example for the other TV station to keep within the laws of broadcasting and that action can be taken when people wants to use the media to spread misleading information.

  2. OK!! Its Sharma we are talking about here,this is a man that talk way out of context on every program which is aired and indeed some sort of more harsh action so be taken.

  3. Suspend my foot. This man is a repeated offender. Revoke the Licence.
    He will repeat his nonsense again and then apologise after the damage is done.

  4. Some people just don’t know where and when to draw the line… Old people say that “lil boy bicycle nah get brakes” but it seems so does big men… Smh! Sharma should have indeed been keen enough to ensure that this didn’t take place but instead he saw stupidity and called it bravery... So now he should once again face the consequences of his negligence…