Monday, May 23, 2011

Stabroek News pondering to and promoting Opposition views in its embrace of slanted journalism

As elections draw news, it is becoming more and more evident that the Stabroek News and others are indeed pandering to and promoting opposition views and sentiments. The Stabroek News continues its daily tirade by showing open hostility towards the Government in its publication of materials in keeping with the opposition line. Articles carried by the newspapers are crafted in keeping with opposition sentiments.

While it is entirely up to the newspaper to carry whatever articles it deems right, it is confirming views that the newspaper is anti-government and clearly in collaboration with the opposition. It is a pathetic state for a newspaper which claims to be objective, to find itself participating in partisan politics.

While the newspaper has had its weaknesses in the past, it has become quite noticeable that since the death of its founder David De Caires the paper has become more openly antagonistic towards the Government. This open antagonism is demonstrative of the paper's vendetta against the Government for its rationalization of advertisement placement in the daily newspapers.

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  1. Even though the news paper has the wright to print what ever articles they wish it is indeed a shame to be affiliated in politics.well lets hope that the people open there eyes and see how these news paper stand and how they must look at stories that they may publish on the government of this country.