Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The PPP survived for 28 years without access to state resources

Sasenarine Singh

Political opportunist Sasenarine Singh and the other clowns in the AFC are telling their supporters that the PPP is currently going against some the the things Cheddi Jagan fought for while in opposition by virtue of what they allege to be the party's use of state resources for party activities.
What Sasenarine, a former soupie who thought he was entitled to a Finance Ministerial posting after doing lil flunky wuk during election time in 2006, ought to tell his audience is that the PPP survived 28 years of PNC misrule without access to state resources. So it shouldn't be that great a challenge for them to survive now, even though they're in government, without the use of state resources.
The PPP is in a league of its own when it comes to public fundraising events either by party groups, or the hosting of concerts, dinners, fairs etc.


  1. The PPP has manage on their own wen they was in power and has maintain that over the years in power ,these people speculate that the PPP are using state resources for their activities which is untruth in my eyes and of many.

  2. The PPP Government was and is always a strong party that survive when the PNc was in power without the state resource and even more so now that they are the leaders of this country they have manage to bring it back from a debt that the PNC left us in to a well recognise country that is leading in world projects.