Saturday, May 7, 2011

Granger & PNC cannot divorce themselves from the high instances of crime they now rile about.

M-72 & 9mm Beretta

PNCR 2011 presidential candidate David Granger cannot divorce himself from the high instances of crime he now riles about given that the PNC is still unable to account for the 237 guns of various calibre issued to it during the Burnham-led government between 1976 and 1979. During this period Granger was Burnham's military attache' and senior strategist.

In 2008 the police recovered three weapons from gunmen in the Zeskendren, Mahaicony, West Coast Berbice and the GDF subsequently said that two of the weapons- an M-72 rifle and a 9mm Beretta submachine gun belonged to the military and they were issued to the PNC under Ministry of Mobilisation and National Development between 1976 and 1979


  1. The PNC are the main perpetrators to this crime which they are now talking about cause they are the one's who put the guns on the street which are in the hands of criminal gangs.

  2. We must remember that the PNC has not only now but since the Burnham presidency has been training criminal gangs to kill and destroy Indos of this country and historic structure.

  3. The PNC are like the al-qaedaian they are born to be destroyers.The chain of criminal activities and gangs will be passing on from generation to generation within the PNC until something serious is being done to to this chain.