Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Christopher Ram's Brother a major human trafficker.

Christopher Ram's brother captured by a Liveinguyana operative fondling an Amerindian girl

Human rights violations are rampant and flourishing in a rum shop owned by the brother of Christopher Ram brother. This business has been under the radar of the authorities for some time now and persons have revealed that the owner is in the habit of “rounding up young underaged girls from the interior to work ”. The proprietor's daughter also confided in a close friend of hers that her dad has been pimping under aged Amerindian girls from Bartica to work in the rum shop since 2004.


  1. This man should be place before the court and charge for this serious offense.It seem that the Chris Ram and his brother or brother's have a nag for abusing women and treating them like Garbage.

  2. Why not take him to court if you have all this evidence? Incidentally the man looks nothing like Ram so it makes me wonder if you have the right person.