Monday, May 16, 2011

JOKE OF THE DAY: PNCR says it will not allow PPP to destroy freedom of expression

This has to be the biggest joke of the year 2011 so far.
Imagine the PNC, a party that for 28 years denied Guyanese the right to freely express themselves using murder, intimidation, harassment by the security services and House of Israel as a deterrent, now charges that it will not allow the PPP to destroy these freedoms.
Freedoms which are in some instances being abused today by many, including the PNC themselves.

Catholic Standard Journalist Father Bernard Darke

Father Bernard Darke, a Catholic Standard Journalist murdered by House of Israel thugs sent to break up an opposition organised protest demonstration outside the Georgetown Magistrate court must be turning in his grave.
We here at Liveinguyana can say with certainty judging from the actions of that party while in Government, that the PNC would never have tolerated CN Sharma and his daily rantings nor Kaieteur News, Stabroek News, Prime News and Capitol News.
Guyana's history is replete with evidence of such.
During the PNC's constitutional dictatorship the essential pillar in the construction of Burnham's Socialism was control of the media by the paramount party. Restrictions on the free press were imposed with the introduction of import licences and heavy restrictions of print materials as well as the handing out of libel suits like the one levelled against the Catholic Standard in 1987, for a story on Repatriation of funds.
So who does Granger think he's fooling?


  1. This is indeed a joke cause it was the PNC who not only intimidate people for speaking freely what they wanted but murder some young people as well for demonstrating the rights.

  2. In the year1992, Guyana’s economy was in a state of collapse and its finances were in a condition of total bankruptcy. The PPP/C Government has taken several intrepid initiatives to transform the economy since 1992, with freedom of expression being restored to the people and today we reap the sweets of this transition and so does the opposing forces.