Monday, May 16, 2011

AFC Executive member forced to apologise after lying about Ramotar's UG attendance

Charrandass Persaud

Presidential Candidate of the People’s Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C), Donald Ramotar has threatened Berbice lawyer and AFC executive member, Charrandass Persaud with a lawsuit, after he intentionally tried to mislead his audience by saying that Ramotar did not attend the University of Guyana.
The lawyer allegedly made the comments on a Live weekly call- in programme, ‘Issues of the People’, a programme paid for by the Alliance for Change (AFC) and aired on Dave’s Television Channel Eight (DTV-8).
Persaud read the lawyer’s letter signed by Attorney- at- Law, Adrian Anamayah on the TV programme last Saturday evening and then apologised for the previous comments.
He then stated that his earlier claim that Mr. Ramotar did not attend UG was inaccurate and said he received information that proved that Ramotar did attend UG.
“I got that information from the now Registrar of the University of Guyana, Mr. Vincent Alexander. I did not check with him before, and there is where I went wrong. He attended University of Guyana. He has a Degree in Economics. So, Mr. Donald Ramotar, I’m sorry that I said you did not attend the University of Guyana; you did attend UG; we now know that. And I will tell other people that you attended the University of Guyana and you do have a Degree in Economics”, Persaud said on live television.


  1. Once again the AFC got caught red handed trying to mislead the students of the University of Guyana and the people of this country as well.

  2. I hope that the people open there eyes and see that the AFC cannot be trusted cause even for the simplest thing they are lying about.if they lie about such simple information about the newly elected presidential candidate for the PPP government how do you expect them to be honest about much more major issue the affects this country.

  3. Smh.....The members of this party should learn to keep their mouths shut cause every time they open it is always with some sort of inaccuracies and then they have to apologize for the misinformation which they aired publicly.

  4. Oh geez!! The AFC is really in a state of mayhem… From top to bottom these people know about lying good good!! Lol!! So my fellow Guyanese, I hope you are keen on your watch of these crooks, both AFC and PNC that want Presidency.