Monday, May 23, 2011

Christopher 'Rammed' his pocket with Salim's cocaine money!

Ravendra Ram showing off his toys in Florida

Christopher Ram's son Ravendra, who was recently involved in the accident along with his dad in Guyana, in Florida showing off the proceeds from his father's under-hand dealings with Salim Azeez(Barry Dataram's father-in-law) of New Line Aqua farm fame and the new owner of Hotel Tower. It was under Christopher Ram's watch that Hotel Tower was sold to Salim. Recently Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Paul Stephenson, of the Cara Hotels, told Chief Justice Mr. Ian Chang, S.C., that while his company was attempting to purchase the Tower Hotel which was then up for sale,Ram, the then Receiver/Manager prevented him from doing so by refusing to open the tenders at the eventual closing date.
Mr. Stephenson, who has a string of hotels in the Caribbean, was still giving evidence in support of the writ brought against Christopher Ram personally and in his capacity as receiver-manager, Hotel Tower, Limited.

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  1. Christopher corrupt dealing has filled his pocket with cocaine money.This is a man who likes to point his finger attacking the Government about being corrupt when here is the evidence that corruption is in his blood.