Wednesday, May 25, 2011

PPP/C Presidential candidate Donald Ramotar touts direct investments in Linden as a future growth pole

-plans to create greater opportunities for young people by investing in education, job creation etc

PPPC Presidential Candidate Donald Ramotar, speaking at the Private Sector organized luncheon held at Le Meridien Pegasus today, outlined his plans for energy efficiency, among other things should he be elected at the upcoming general elections.
Ramotar said any government under his leadership will reduce significantly, the cost of business capital and ensure there's significant increase in direct investments in Linden, an area which he sees as a future growth pole given that the Guyana/Lethem road is on stream.

He also plans to continue construction of the Amalia Falls Hydro Project in an effort to bring about more stable and reliable electricity supply as well as reduce electricity cost on consumers. Ramotar ended his presentation by saying that young people have a significant role to play in his government and outlined his plans to create greater opportunities for them by investing further in education, job creation and creative arts.


  1. The Presidential candidate for the PPP will indeed make great achievement for this country and its people with his many plans that he have for a brighter future for Guyana.

  2. Unlike some who have spoken that this event i like the last one cause we has young people are the ones headed to the polls to cast our vote and we need to see what there for us to benefit from and i'm for one is seeing it.