Monday, May 23, 2011

Christopher "Cocaine Chris" Rams targets Liveinguyana

Read the abuse suffered at the hands of Christopher Ram by his wife Ena

Liveinguyana was made to understand that, wife-beater and cocaine accountant Lallbachan Christopher Ram has formulated a plan to get rid of any website that criticizes his unlawful behavior using any means necessary, including hacking and terror.

An insider of Ram & Mc Rae revealed to us that Christopher Ram was very upset when he found out that several websites, including this one were showcasing his personal and illegal affairs to the public. He sent false and malicious complaints to Google Blogger about Liveinguyana.

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  1. He taught that no one will know of his dirty abusive behavior but now that the information is out for the public to know Christopher Ram really is he is embarrassed so now he is making threats and making malicious complaint to Google blogger.