Monday, May 2, 2011

New York based Guyanese vow to help locate terror financier "Tookie"

SUV purchased for Benschop by Tookie

Following a meeting with President Jagdeo and PPP/C Presidential candidate Donald Ramotar on Friday last New York based PPP supporters have pledged to help Guyanese and US law enforcement officials locate terror financier and drug dealer Tookie Van Rossum.
This was after they were urged by the President to do so.

Van Rossum financed the 'Fineman Gang' as well as the attacks on several government buildings including the Ministry of Health arson. He also finances criminal activities facilitated by Mark Benschop. Besnchop is the owner of 2 SUV's, an East Street property and a high speed motorcycle laying at a city wharf, all of which were purchased by Tookie.


  1. This is good that this person well go to the length and breath to have MB financier located so that this criminal empire be brought down.

  2. There is need for the capture of tookie which will land Mark Benschop back in jail which will be a resolution to many high profile Anti- Government crimes in the country.

  3. Tookie and Mark should be place in jail for the crimes that they have committed in this country and the destruction of Government property.

  4. Finding this man will cripple MB criminal empire and put a end to the front which he puts up has if he is doing a legitimate business.