Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Court grants Bishop Edghill injuction against CN Sharma and Anthony Vieira

ERC Chairman Bishop Juan Edghill today secured an injunction against CNS Channel 6 and former PNCR MP Anthony Vieira for the former's broadcast of an inflammatory commentary by the latter. Edghill is also seeking $25M in damages.


  1. Close CNS 6 now. Not Suspend, close it down.

  2. Mr Edghill is making the right step by taking legal action against Vieira and CNS Channel 6 just to as to ensure that there wont be another such inflammatory commentary.

  3. This is good news in light of the numerous times that Sharma and Vieira have gotten off with the most disrespectful and absurd things! As to Sharma he gets energy to criticize people but not to face his court case with the people girl child... Damn Pedophile!