Friday, May 27, 2011

Christopher Ram and Transparency

Chris Ram Jr having a jolly time flaunting his Dad's ill gotten wealth

Christopher Ram and Transparency:

Christopher Ram protracts himself in the print and electronic media as a "prominent professional accountant who demands and advocates proper financial regulations and expenditure for the benefit of the taxpayers".
This is far from the truth.
He also portrays himself as an ideal economist even though he lacks the qualifications and character to become one.
Can Christopher Ram explain to the public how his children in Windermere, Florida managed to obtain huge sums of money to finance the purchase of 7 luxury vehicles, parties and constant visits to Guyana?
Where did Christopher Ram received such vast amounts of money from?
We could safely say that cocaine money from his drug-dealing clients surely serve upkeep the lavish lifestyle of himself, his wife and his children.

Suspected Tax Evasion:

In addition to Christopher Ram’s skillful tax-cheating schemes there has been new information coming from an anonymous source about Christopher Ram’s defaulted Property Tax payments on his mansion at 90X Lascala Drive, Windermere, Florida ;

05/15/2007 Sold $57,700 Public records

Public records Recording Date 05/15/2007

Contract Date 05/08/2007

Sale Price $57,700

Price Type Sales price computed from Transfer Tax. No indication whether tax was paid on full or partial consideration.

Total Transfer Tax $404 Transaction Type Non-Arm’s Length Transaction Document Type Intrafamily Transfer & Dissolution – Due to dissolution of marriage, refinancing or the document reports a transaction is between family members for any reason.

Christopher Ram was out of cocaine money at that time when he had to transfer his US$325,000 mansion to his wife and Chris Jr’s name.

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