Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Policies implemented by Donald Ramotar and his board colleagues at GUYSUCO have been beneficial to the Sugar Industry

President Bharrat Jagdeo unveils the plaque declaring the Enmore Packaging Plant commissioned in the presence of Minister of Agriculture Robert Persaud , Chairman of Guysuco Dr. Nanda K. Gopaul ,PPP/C 2011 Presidential Candidate Donald Ramotar, Prime Minister Sam Hinds, Minister of Finance Dr. Ashni Singh and Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport Dr. Frank Anthony.

GUYSUCO's management structure has to be explained first in order to paint a proper picture of Donald Ramotar's role. The board that Mr. Ramotar is a member of is a non-executive board. This means that he is not responsible for the management of GUYSUCO as an organization.
He is responsible for the development of policies that will drive the industry.
And any objective view of these policies will show that the board has been correct in all its decisions.

  • It was these policies that anticipated the abandonment of the EU preferential prices agreement that was responsible for the commissioning of the Skeldon Factory. This was a correct decision as the factory, when completed, will modernize the industry by lowering cost of processing and by providing value added products such as electricity to be sold to the grid.

  • It was these policies that anticipated the shortage of labor resulting in the design of the fields at Skeldon to allow for machine harvesting.

  • It was these policies that allowed for the building of the packaging plant and fighting for the branding of Demerara Gold as a Guyana only product. This packaging plant will allow for GUYSUCO to place Guyana sugar on the shelves of stores in the Caribbean, North America, Europe and elsewhere.

The above policies are just 3 examples of the good decisions made by the board. Furthermore a careful analyst would also look at the adverse economic climate that has affected the price of sugar. This together with the EU abandonment has caused the industry to lose approximately $10B per year in revenue.

Finally it should be noted that in 1990 GUYSUCO was produced only 129k tons of per year, by 2004 it was producing 325k tons per year. The floods of 2005 and bad weather have been the major cause of drop in production.


  1. Who y'all clowns trying to fool? Ramotar run Guysuco into the ground and now they are bankrupt

  2. Donald Ramotar has made a bright future for the Guysuco sugar estate buy working with the board and making gold label and good standard of sugar that is not only use by Guyanese but is seen in travellers suitcase as well when departing from Guyana.