Thursday, May 19, 2011

Stabroek News giving unfair advantage to Granger by its continued publication of the Guyana Review

Baldeo Mathura: Now that it is well known that David Granger is the presidential candidate of the People’s National Congress Reform and is the owner of the Guyana Review, I believe that in all fairness to everyone, the Stabroek News should stop publishing this magazine, at least during this upcoming elections period.

The newspaper often takes pains to point out that it is a credible and objective paper, so in keeping with this, the paper should desist from publishing David Granger’s magazine to avoid having a conflict of interest. Also having this practice gives Mr Granger an unfair advantage over the rest of his opponents.

If the paper wants to continue to publish the Guyana Review, then I would suggest that it does publishing for the other political parties as well to remove any suspicions of bias.


  1. Well we cant expect better from the Stabroek news since that is the PNC paper of support.

  2. After all SN is PNC’s mouth piece and no matter what the Government does good for this country, SN will never fess up the real story… But one thing SN and the PNC have in common is that they both could proper lie!