Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tony Vieira lashes out at PNCR-1G, AFC

-exposes Sheila Holder's opportunism

Former People’s National Congress Reform-One Guyana (PNCR-1G) Member of Parliament Anthony ‘Tony’ Vieira, in his latest commentary, has charged that there has been a betrayal of the opposition by the two main opposition political parties, the People’s National Congress Reform – One Guyana (PNCR – 1G) and the Alliance for Change (AFC).
In his commentary, Vieira made it clear that recent actions by members of both the PNCR-1G and the AFC are indicative of as much.

Lashing out at the AFC, Vieira singled out actions of the current Presidential and Prime Ministerial candidates, Mr. Khemraj Ramjattan and Mrs. Sheila Holder, which he said went against collective positions taken by the opposition.
He explained that with the introduction of the Integrity Commission and what he described as the opposition’s lack of confidence in that body, it was agreed by opposition parties that the body would not be recognised.
“The opposition expressed no confidence in the Integrity Commission…and decided that none of us would provide any[of] them information…until we saw a properly constituted and autonomous Integrity Commission we would not recognise it or file any of our returns,” he said,
However, despite that position, Vieira noted that in March this year Ramjattan agreed to supply his information to the Integrity Commission.
Turning his attention to Holder, the commentator said she has supported the People’s Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C), rather than back the opposition’s position regarding the Telecommunications Amendment Bill.
The bill essentially seeks to reverse the existing monopoly procured under the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T) licence obtained in the 1990s, and mainstream technical and regulatory practices for the landline and mobile services’ spectrum management, pricing, and inter-connection.
There are also several locally-owned companies reportedly named in the draft legislation which will be allowed to serve as telecommunications service providers in the liberalised sector.
“At numerous select committee meetings, Sheila Holder voted with the PPP and did not support the opposition. Now we are told that of the four existing companies which will benefit from Jagdeo’s reorganization of the telecommunication sector, Sheila Holder husband’s company will be one…the vilest betrayal of the opposition,” he said.
A point to note is that the AFC, via a press release dated October 2008 on their website, opposed the same Bill.
The press release said, “This Bill is intended to regulate for security purposes only, the trade and movement of SIM cards. This Bill’s presence is very disturbing for two especial reasons. On the one hand, it places in our considered opinion, a heavy burden on the suppliers and retailers of these cards and in the context of Guyana and the operation of our society will be extremely difficult if not impossible to comply with the strict requirements of recording, storage and sharing of information. On the other hand, we believe that the provisions of the bill, represent a clear and present violation of the right of all Guyanese citizens in that too much disclosure of information, which is already in the possession of the Administration."

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