Friday, June 3, 2011

10,000 public servants in Jamaica to loose jobs over the next 5 years

-starting July 1st

The Jamaican Government announced recently that it will start rationalising the public sector come July 1. The public sector rationalization programme to last five years will see up to 10,000 jobs being cut from the government service. The rationalization programme will involve significant restructuring and realignment of Government functions, departments and agencies and result in major savings for the country. Prime Minister Bruce Golding on Thursday gave the date for the start of the process and said the transformation would be linked to the restructuring of the cabinet. The Prime Minister recently said the cabinet would be reviewed, indicating what is generally called a reshuffle. However, he suggested it would be more than that, possibly including name changes and portfolio reassignments of ministries. Mr. Golding said he has met with Permanent Secretaries ahead of the start of the rationalization process. It is estimated that the rationalization will result in savings of between $40b and $50b over the five year period of the restructuring and cutting back.

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