Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Guyana Gov't describes“inaccuracies” U-S Human Trafficking Report 2011.

The Government here on Wednesday rejected as “misleading and inaccurate”, the US State Department’s Trafficking in Person report 2011 which said local authorities are incapable of dealing with the issue.

The report released on Monday said while Guyana has shown some improvements in its efforts to combating Trafficking in persons and officials have managed to minimize of the potential scope of the human trafficking situation, there poor results in the area of victim protection, and lack of action against official complicity of human trafficking are major obstacles to future progress.”

However the government spokesman and Cabinet Secretary Dr Roger Luncheon told a media conference on Wednesday that the administration is concerned about the failure US State Department’s to provide the evidence to support its findings in the report.

What is most disturbing continuing behaviour is the US government’s seeming reluctance to utilize, to benefit from its access to the authorities here in Guyana to deal with such issues” Luncheon said.

He posited that the government has made significant strides in dealing with the issue of trafficking in persons adding that some of the information in the report are outdated as the administration has already implemented most of the recommendations in the report.

This allegation turns out on the T-I-P report on Guyana without being in any formal way to the attention of the Guyanese authorities who have great enthusiasm and what appears to have been a mutual arrangement engaged in the eradication of trafficking in Guyana” the government spokesman complained.

He added that the issue remains how silent countries are in developing bilateral in these areas, noting that were there communication with the US authors of the report and authorities here, the information in the report could have been more realistic.

President Bharrat Jagdeo had signaled his intention to write to the president of the US barrack Obama, asking him to review the process in which the reports are constructed since they are misleading.

In 2009 the International Police (Interpol), had indicated that Guyana has not been designated as a country involved in trafficking in persons, neither is Guyanese being sought for any offence related to trafficking in persons.

Minister of Human Services Priya Manickchand had noted that the conclusions in the report were based on an earlier inaccuracy about large numbers of trafficking victims that existed in Guyana. She stated that despite sincere and comprehensive efforts, the State Department failed to have the inaccuracies corrected.

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