Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Granger plans to Privatize Health Care

PNC/R and JOPP presidential candidate David Granger in one of his most controversial pledges to date has promised to entrust Guyana's Health Care system in the hands of private operators. Granger recently announced his intention to privatize all Government owned medical facilities should he be elected as President.
Such facilities provide services free of cost and employ thousands of Guyanese and observers have already begun pointing out the downside of any such move. They noted that under such a plan medical treatment currently being accessed free of cost will attract a huge price and it could also result in significant job losses.

Granger was also severely criticized when he had earlier announced his intention to place the sugar industry in the hands of private operators.


  1. Ughhh...What is this man problem this facility serve number of guyanese people on a daily basic without even going into their pockets even though they cuss about the service and he got a dull idea to privatize.....It looks like he bringing sufferation to we has Guyanese.

  2. This man have no idea what he is doing to people of this country he is just gonna make people who may not be able to afford health when this is privatize suffer cause he for 1 int gone give them assistance.

  3. I am not worried that about his dull idea to privatizing alot of these major companies cause he would get the chance cause im of the fact that people are at whits after reading this.