Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Freddie's pet peeves and their rebuttals

1- Nirmal Rekha and the more than 50 bogus duty-free letters he signed as proved by the GRA’s investigation. ( There was an investigation, there was no wrong doing on Rekha's behalf, and those responsible was dealt with)

2 - Refusal of the US Embassy to grant the Minister of Foreign Trade four years ago a visa to travel to the US (It is the right of the US to refuse anyone visa. Everyday people are being rejected at the Embassy. The last I heard this Minister has been going to the US very often, I guess he must be going without a visa )

3 - Refusal to end the radio monopoly.( who needs radio, when you have the internet, grow up Freddie this is the age of technology)
4 - Refusal to accept the AFC's Freedom of Information Act. (this is an outright lie)

5 - Refusal to hold an inquiry in the Great Floods of 2005 when the Guyanese people know the floods resulted from the conservancy breach. (Why do you need an inquiry, if the conclusion is already reached by you that there was a breach? Freddie has conveniently forgotten that the Citizen Initiative headed by Joe Singh went in to the Conservancy Dam and did a detailed examination, which discovered no such breach)

6 - The abysmal record of not one major narcotics trafficker being caught on Guyanese soil. (What about the M.V.Danielsen, and more recently the AFC financial backer, "pepper cocaine"?)

7 - The continued delay in the establishment of the DEA office in Georgetown ( Are the Americans really interested in the office?)

8 - The continued delay in having the anti-money laundering commission. (Idiot, the law is before a sectoral committee in parliament for deliberation)

9 - The continued refusal to have the Human Rights Commission ( This requires opposition input, are they willing to do it or will they filibuster again.)

10 - The deplorable sexual misconduct of two high-level politicians ( Who are these persons, he should name them Corbin was accused of rape, Freddie himself might be guilty of selling grades for sexual favors)

11 - The mysterious absence of any charge of corruption against even a third-tier PPP leader, much less those at the second and higher levels. ( If there is no case, how can people be charged, this is not a jungle it is a country)

12 - The abuse of power at UG that exceeded Burnham’s impulses ( What abuses is Freddie referring to? Maybe he should write about how the Council helped him to renew his contract, when the UG administration was bent on throwing him out.)

13 - The nasty domination of the state-owned media that is worse than when Burnham ruled( There is nothing wrong with government using the state media as part of its public relations efforts, in every decent country this is acceptable)

14 - The retention of a Ministerial Advisor(who) engaged in conduct unbecoming, that Burnham would not have tolerated ( Is Freddie Burnham's psychic?)

15 - The incredibly cheap sell-out of Guyana’s lands and properties that no PNC Government would have ever contemplated, and no other party except the PPP 16 would ever think of doing ( What is he referring to? Those land was sold at current market value. I thought we had all agreed that the Private Sector is the engine of growth; so when they dispose of land for developmental purposes how is that a bad thing?)

16 - A blog suspected to be run by people sympathetic to the government that any decent human being would find nauseating, with people photographed having homosexual love and the deliberately false identification of who these people are.(Get your own or re-butt the content, it is similar to rebutting your lies)

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