Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Analyzing a ‘Quack Analyst’

By Doza Medicine

At long last KN’s ‘Quack Analyst’ Freddie Kissoon is beginning to realize his place among outstanding columnists, academics and political commentators. There is no place for him. He is not even a misfit-he simply does not belong. So (according to KN-Tuesday, June 07-2011) he, Freddie, finds it worrisome that “…Clive Thomas has not as yet taken on Ravi Dev in the latter’s attempt to pass on propaganda and call it political theorizing”. So it is not that “…Dev has been getting away with this for years now.” It is that Freddie is a poor analyst who does not find accommodation among the intellectual. So that is why “… two to three years ago, (you Freddie) had a running battle with (Dev) over the same (your fabricated) accusation.” And by the way which Freddie Kissoon lost, as is his wont.

Freddie opines that “Dev has resuscitated his stratagem. (And that)He found an opportunity when it was claimed that Tacoma Ogunseye urged that African Guyanese take to the streets to demand power-sharing after the election.” Well for starters, this is not a claim: it is a ‘broad-daylight’ fact. That is exactly what Ogunseye (Freddie’s Paramour) called for. Also, Freddie is chiding Dev for something he himself is a master at. For example, Freddie says that Dev uses “…quotes after quotes from different philosophers but (that) one fails to see their relevance to the perennial argument that we have an ethnically dominated government …” Dev does not indulge in this. The fact that Dev, by being candid and lucid, seems to be a proponent of this facet of the PPP/C’s rulership, is most disconcerting to Freddie Kissoon. He cannot handle this kind of intellect (as were the recent cases with Davenand Bhagwan and Vishnu Bisram), and that he
remains a mediocre, is getting to him. For example, Freddie is the typical ‘rum shop cusser’ and he labels President Jagdeo as such. He constantly invokes names (e.g. Sigmund Freud), but shows no kind of intellectual insight. Only recently, he referred to his first class in Philosophy, but it was not germane to what he was saying. So now, he seeks to ruffle Dev, and is bothered by the fact, that Dev is held in high esteem, so maybe a name like the respected Clive Thomas might just work.
Let a small summary suffice her. Freddie’s rambling is utterly stupid, verbose, and it misses the main points. First, nothing under the PNC’s regime can be legitimate. They ruled by coercion. The mere fact elections were fraudulent discredits them in every sphere. Also, if one claims that the PPP/C is not legitimizing the state by a restructuring of the army and police units, then this contradicts the accusation that is leveled against the PPP/C. The accusation simply reads that the PPP/C is very hegemonic in nature and racist in practice. However, if the PPP/C, since 1992 has never been bothered by a ‘kith and kin’ revolt, it means that some kind of political and philosophical light has been shed. This seems to be the big problem with the Freddie’s and Ogunseye’s. So here again, Freddie is pointless.
So one can only surmise that since Clive Thomas is not entering into ‘Freddie’s boyish quarrel’ it must be deemed a case of carping by the now established ‘gadfly’ in Guyana’s politics. Freddie is clamoring for some kind of intellectual and political notice. He wants to be taken seriously, but alas, he never will. He just ‘aint got it.’

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