Saturday, June 25, 2011

Alleged kidnapping of AFC member's daughter leaves plenty unanswered questions

La Shawn Ann Mootto and Malissa Carrington

Like the Kaieteur News we too at Liveinguyana found the story surrounding the alleged kidnapping and subsequent release of two young females, one of them the daughter of AFC senior member and once presidential contender, Michael Carrington to be very strange.

It was reported that one of the young ladies was scheduled to give testimony in a court matter the day after her disappearance and we believe that her reluctance to do so might have been one of the reasons for this 'disappearing act'.
On the other hand the Stabroek News and Demerara Waves, both AFC aligned media houses, sough to create the false impression that this alleged kidnapping had political motivations. Both media houses made references to the affiliation of both girls as well as Carrington to the AFC and they even went as far as mentioning that they both recently participated in the AFC's just concluded youth conference.

The reappearance of these supposedly kidnapped girls who claimed that they were released unharmed by their abductors left more unanswered questions.
As such, we agree with Kaieteur News when they posited today that "for girls who were abducted and only fed water, they were hale and hearty, were very clean and smelt clean. How they kept the phone charged is also a mystery, an even greater mystery was that the abductors missed it"

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