Wednesday, June 29, 2011

GT&T seems unable to accept the inevitability that its monopoly will end.

Government has made no secret of its wish that the GT&T monopoly of the country’s international telecommunications service come to an end – an inevitability which GT&T seems unwilling to accept.
DIGICEL, perhaps understandably, has been far from indifferent to the prevailing environment and to the ongoing monopoly talks and has made public its own keenness to see the monopoly come to an end.
At the core of GT&T’s argument is the view that they “deserve better”.
Hahahahha! What a cry baby, this is what happens when a company is used to being spoon fed for decades.... they get spoiled rotten.
Deal with it.
Now GT&T is getting competition, so they need to up their services and be fair. Stop complaining and fretting like some old hags.
And please don't say that I am being biased. Thanks to DIGICEL my bill is now half what it used to be before the invasion.

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