Thursday, June 30, 2011

Migration is influenced by many factors

It is funny that when government critics rant about our high migration rate they quickly point to statistics which show that like most other countries we experience this phenomenon. Where they find themselves in a conundrum is when they use migration to infer mismanagement on the part of the government.
While we may have statistical evidence of persons leaving and entering Guyana, there is no statistical compilation of their reasons for doing so.
And people have various reasons for migrating. One such reason is a Mother and Father might've left Guyana in 1984, during the PNC reign of terror and destruction. They would've no doubt left relatives behind. Being now settled and possibly home owners in 2011, they then, in Guyanese parlance, 'put in' for other relatives.
All this contributes to the migration statistics, but it does not say that this family left Guyana because of the country's mismanagement etc.

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