Monday, June 6, 2011

Freddie Kissoon's urges boycott of German's Restaurant over proprietor's refusal to fund subversive activities

German's Restaurant

Freddie Kissoon has called on his supporters(who ever they are) to boycott German's Restaurant over the proprietor's refusal to be part of subversive activities aimed at undermining the rule of law in Guyana.
A source close to the entity's proprietor who begged us not to reveal his/her's identity told Liveinguyana that Kissoon and Benschop became incensed after they approached the businessman, a former student of Kissoon, for $400,000 which they claimed would've been used to start a feeding programme. Benschop also flouted the idea of having the restaurant provide soup which would be given away freely at his East Street office. Both suggestions were rejected by the businessman who cited the economic downside of any such initiative to his business.
Besnchop reportedly collected a significant portion of money from overseas based Guyanese, including drug dealer Tookie Van Rossum in order to fund the soup kitchen but himself and Kissoon converted it to their own use. Of recent himself and Kissoon were spotted in several crime hot-beds recruiting persons.


  1. SMH.....Its good that the businessman was not sucked into these two scheme of plotting or funding of some crime.Benschop is looking for help so that he can fund and feed his criminal org.with the help of Freddie.

  2. Freddie the compulsive mafia member and chris ram the drug dealing wife beater who both write miasmic mess and false claims to blogging admin to overcome anyone who critisises anything about chris ram cocaine activity.
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