Thursday, June 9, 2011

AFC & PNC's negative response to Region 9 floods was expected.

Prime Minister delivering relief to flood stricken

1. Were it not for the floods would Lethem have been a priority for David Granger, the PNC and AFC?

2.Did they remember Lethem before now?

3.How many times prior to this flooding did they visit the affected communities?

These are all questions we must ask ourselves, particularly as we examine the comments emanating from these opposition parties in the aftermath of this disaster.

With elections around the corner the PNC and AFC's response to the crisis facing residents of Region 9 was anticipated. And it is surprising that they haven't as yet blamed the heavy rainfall which led to the overwhelming of the Takutu River on the PPP/C Government.
Further, if the AFC and PNC were so much aware of the existing conditions which they highlighted and the possibility of flooding why didn't thye forewarn the residents in the interest of nationalism, care and concern?

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