Wednesday, June 8, 2011

PNC distribute one bottle water and two rolls of toilet tissue to Lethem flood victims.

The Peoples National Congress Reform (PNCR) in what was described as a disgraceful attempt to seek political mileage out of the suffering of the Region 9 flood victims, distributed one bottle water and two rolls of toilet tissue to around 25 flood victims in an area in the region.

PNCR presidential candidate, David Granger, accompanied by party youth-arm chairman, Christopher Jones, were Wednesday morning distributing the toiletries.


  1. The PNC is versed in doing that from the time of their ruinous Dictatorship, the difference we had to line up fu lil oil and salt fu add lil taste to abe plantain fu fu,bottled water and toilet tissue were never heard of, trench water and blacksage leaves does have to do the job.

  2. Its clear that the PNC cant do nothing for the people of this country cause these people need more than water and toilet paper.SMH its a shame.