Monday, June 27, 2011

Cuban Doctors respond to misleading Kaieteur News article

The Cuban Medical Brigade: We, the members of the Cuban Medical Brigade who work in the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation, in the Diamond Hospital, in the Health Centres of Georgetown, in The West Demerara Regional Hospital, in the Leonora Cottage Hospital, in the Suddie Hospital, in the Mahaicony Hospital, in The New Amsterdam Public Hospital, in The National Ophthalmologic Center, and in other Health facilities and regions of Guyana, wish to express great indignation for the article published in Kaieteur News of June 20, 2011.
The Cuban School of Medicine is not characterized by mercantilism, but by selfless solidarity and humanism which have always been its principal values.
We have come to this Guyanese territory to save lives and give of our best for the benefit of a wonderful people, and not to exploit the patients as referred to in the malicious article.
The Cubans do not distinguish between rich and poor, races, colour, or creed; in our eyes all are human beings who deserve to be treated cordially and receive proper medical care, and above all should receive service free of cost.
To the population of Guyana we wish to say that the best form of proving the falseness of the article is by offering day by day a better health care with greater commitment, dedication and professionalism.
The greatest satisfaction is that of knowing that we have carried out our duties, and that the children of this nation who we leave behind are enjoying a better quality of life. We have not asked for anything in return, and are sure that they will not only remember us but will remain eternally grateful.
Even though Cuba is a poor country, suffering from a blockade by the most powerful of the world for more than fifty years, it has responded and will continue to respond with honour and dignity offering selfless and free help to Guyana and other nations of the world in spite of shortages and needs.
Some will ask how it is possible to do this, the response is very simple; Cuba does not give from what is left over, Cuba shares what it has with other nations in need of its solidarity, and one of the greatest achievement of the Cuban revolution is precisely in the health sector.
To those who wish to malign the prestige achieved by the Cuban Public Health System and its collaborators, we recommend that you speak with the people and the Public Health authorities; they will not err in their response.
We thank you in anticipation for publishing this opinion in your Newspaper.


  1. thanks to the cubans...they made life easiers..

  2. Cuban doctors will always make life easiers......