Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sasenarine Singh & the AFC uses initiatives & future plans which Ramotar articulated at several forums as their own

It seems as though the character traits of Sa­senarine Singh and his latest political associa­tion is a perfect match made in the wilderness. This is clearly exposed in his latest attempt via the media to castigate PPP/C Presidential Candidate Mr. Donald Ramotar. Believe it or not, Singh in his nasty propa­ganda used the initiatives and future plans of Mr. Ra­motar which the Presidential Candidate has publicly articulated at several forums as his (Singh) very own ideas to save the industry.
It is difficult to accept that Singh thinks so lowly of Guyanese that he is confident of plagiarizing other people’s ideas as his own without anyone ex­posing him. But then again this is an individual who was publicly challenged to deny a corruption allega­tion and had to resort to the High Court to silence his accuser.
Such an act is a simple illustration of the con­tempt Singh and his political party has for the very same principles they are preaching.

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