Saturday, June 18, 2011

PNC's coalition history is a terrible one

Attiya Baksh: AS elections draw near, I am exploring my options and paying attention to the various parties’ views as presented on the newscasts and print media. I was wondering what the Joint Opposition Political Parties (JOPP) alliance has planned in terms of who would be the presidential candidate and prime minister and maybe which members from the various parties will make up the Cabinet.
I realise that the parties have decided to contest the upcoming elections as a united body hoping that this would increase their chances at the polls, but I think that the PNCR would be dominating the others who will eventually fade into the background as we have seen happen in the past.
I had read that the JOPP is working on crafting its manifesto and creating its list but I am wondering how the party will go about choosing its candidates. It is obvious that since the PNCR is the larger party in the group in terms of votes, then the presidential candidate would obviously come from that party.
For now, reports have said that the members of the JOPP include the PNCR, GAP/WPA, NFA, and Peter Ramsaroop has joined again, so it now includes the GPP. I think that if Ramsaroop is serious about politics then he should make up his mind instead of jumping back and forth and seemingly playing “abna babna.”

From what I have seen in the past, the PNCR has not been trustworthy so I am not sure that these other small parties are making a good choice by lumping their apples with the PNCR. Also, joining forces would mean to the Guyanese people that these parties would most likely subscribe to whatever the PNCR says, so although they might consider voting for these other parties hoping that they might be able to make a difference, they would in fact be voting for the PNCR.
The PNCR has time and again used such collaborations to further its own agenda and I believe that this is another such ploy. The PNCR says that it is still open to the AFC, but that party is not budging which I think is a good move on its part because joining the others would possibly shatter its image and credibility.
I guess only time will tell, but I feel that the electorate should weigh its options carefully before casting its vote.

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  1. I think that the PNC has something up their sleeves,these small party should look for alliance else where since the could get a disappointment if they do get that change.