Thursday, June 9, 2011

Police sieze 450 lbs of Cocaine in Bartica

At least 450lbs of cocaine were Thursday found concealed in fuel drums at a Bartica village leading to the arrest of a number of persons. Police sources revealed that the illicit drug was found in four 15-gallon containers at Batavia but details of the bust remain sketchy. A Police source has confirmed that a quantity of suspected cocaine was found concealed. And a senior Police officer revealed that a team of investigators was dispatched to the Bartica communitoty in an effort intensify the probe. It is not known how many people were arrested though initial information suggests that at least four persons are in custody in connection with the find. Reports say the detainees include a number of foreigners and at least one Guyanese. The consignment of cocaine is suspected to have been smuggled from neighbouring Venezuela

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