Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Court finds Mark Benschop guilty of obstruction during dump site escapade

Mark Benschop was yesterday fined $7,500 or 10 days imprisonment after being found guilty on the charge of obstructing the use of the road at the Cemetery Road dumpsite in a case that had galvanized much public interest.

When Magistrate Chandra Sohan handed down his ruling at the Georgetown Magis-trates’ Court the defendant told the court that he couldn’t afford to pay the fine immediately since “things rough,” and requested two months to honour this obligation.

He said there are financial hardships resulting from the economy.

This we found to be strange given that Benschop's Citizen Bank account contains more than $10M, two SUVs are registered in his name and the East Street property which houses his terrorist training camp was only recently transferred in his name along with that of another individual.


  1. HAHA!! This is funny that he cant afford to pay a simple fine when he has his buddies supporting his criminal empire.They should have give him more days in jail for this matter.

  2. With a lame ass excuse about the economy he cant afford to pay $7500.But he got money to pay his criminal gang though,the y should have given him a more lengthy time in jail.

  3. Its good that he is found guilty but a stiffer penalty should have been put in place so next time he and his clown friend wouldn't want to try it again.