Monday, June 20, 2011

Granger's candidacy split PNC leadership

Former Finance Minister Carl Greenidge, Aubrey Norton, Dr Richard Van West Charles and Dr Faith Harding are all notable absentees

Raymond Edwards: Even with the newly formed alliance between the PNCR and other parties, it seems that the PNC/R is internally divided. There seems to be no unity among PNCR party members, as evidenced by the ever lonely presence of David Granger.
The Joint Opposition Political Parties (JOPP) has been established, uniting different parties for a common cause, but it seems that rift in the PNC/R, caused by Granger’s presidential candidacy, is irreparable.
Since David Granger became the PNC/R’s presidential candidate, the other contenders for that title have all but disappeared. Basil Williams, Faith Harding, James Bond and Carl Greenidge have never been seen together with Granger in public and have never publicly endorsed him as the party’s presidential candidate.
None of the prominent PNC/R members has been seen with Granger, neither has anyone of them come to his defense publicly on matter concerning his character, his history, the party’s policies and the election.
Whatever transpired behind the scenes to make David Granger the PNC/R presidential candidate has clearly caused much bitterness within the party. The party’s prominent leaders must feel swindled, and as such, is isolating themselves from the Brigadier in retaliation.

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  1. Since Corbin rigged the party's election so that he could control his puppet Granger there has been a split in the PNC cause many member don't believe that he could deliver what is excepted.