Monday, June 27, 2011

FEATURE: Why harp about frivolous things when there are so many positive ones taking place?

By Doza Medicine

A few days ago, Freddie Kissoon was his usual self-he was harping about the lines at the offices of GPL and VAT. One must remember that Guyana will not change overnight, and that there is the ‘local human element’ that makes for many glitches. I support with a personal example.

It was the penultimate day in the month of April, and my GT&T bill was already overdue. So I rushed off to the GT&T headquarters in Church Street, and even before the opening hour, the line meandered out into the street. I was shocked. I was given a further jolt, when I realized that I was one of many who were in the habit of doing things in the last hour. This scenario obtains elsewhere too.

At the University of Guyana, tempers flare and arguments abound for this same reason-last minute rush. So one finds that the Admission department is overcrowded, and the staff are over taxed. This as we all know is quite foolish and creates a disconcerting imbalance. No doubt it is reflective of a bad culture. Truly, people must learn to be expeditious.

My little encounter at the VAT and NIS offices were far from perfect. The VAT’s had a lot of people, but I did get through in 90 minutes’ time. At the NIS (Smyth Street’s office), I took fewer than 30 minutes. So my point is that one should not wait for that ‘final, midnight hour’ to conduct his/her business. If and when this bad practice creates inconveniences, one must do some introspection and self-censuring.

I close with a reference to two ongoing developments taking place in Guyana. Both are for the alleviating of people sufferings, and a betterment of conditions locally. The point I want to drive home is that the PPP/C does not set out to make its subjects' lives miserable. Perish such a thought. So in this regard,GRA is about to set up a mobile tax site in Wakenaam and this buttresses the fact that there is development in Guyana. This is to accommodate the taxpayers of Wakenaam, who may need to renew their Motor Vehicle Licenses. In its release, the agency stated that it will be setting up a temporary site on the ground floor of the Wakenaam Court House on Friday and Saturday of this week. The site will be manned by its Licence Revenue Officers, Tax specialists and other necessary personnel (By the way, how come detracting apologists don’t notice these innovations). One can also rejoice in the fact that Cabinet just cleared a $ 618.4M contract for new
CJIA access road. This new 2.5 kilometre access road leading to the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) at Timehri is part of a three- lot project to establish a four- lane passage stretching from the Timehri Police Station to the entrance of the airport. This adds luster and aesthetics to the country as well. So again, my call is that Guyanese remain positive and happy. Good things are happening

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