Monday, June 27, 2011

PNC supporters express great displeasure with APNU

Over the weekend Liveinguyana solicited the views of PNC supporters as it relates to the party's announced coming together with WPA, NFA, GAP & GPP to form APNU, which is expected to formally take place on July 8th.
And they are as follows:

Mr Aaron Charles

This is indeed a sad moment, to see PNCR being reduced to nothing. Corbin is the worst leader of our time, he allowed Granger to set him up. We dumped Burnham; we dumped Hoyte: now we are dumping PNC!

Ms. Margaret Liverpool

As a young voter who supported the PNC at the last election, I am perplexed at this nonsense. Granger is making such a mess of this campaign. The PNCR is no more.

Mr. Mark Cameron

I feel the idea of coming together is excellent, but might we not be fooling ourselves to think this move, in its current shape and form, will strengthen the chances of the opposition? To dissolve the PNCR is a grave mistake. The other players are without a constituency, so this is more superficial than anything else.

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  1. Smh!! This is just a waste of time cause the PNC has wasted their efforts into joining force with these party which has gone out into the eyes of the people of this country and like the saying says"postmortem don't bring back dead"so so long to ANPU.