Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kaieteur News, doing what it knows to do best: Propagate misinformation and lies

Sylvan Blackman: A way of life, particularly one that exhibits an unerring recourse to daily untruths, is indeed the well known masthead of Kaieteur News, Guyana’s print media best known for distortions and everything associated with unethical journalism. This time, via the usual bold, front page headline of 31.5.11 it screams “Gov’t denies Kaieteur news list of national awardees”. In the hysterical tirade that followed, complaints were made that the newspaper had not been sent the list of national awardees, and that such action is “petty and vindictive” on the part of the government. It goes on to record that the list finally arrived at the publishing house, only after enquiries.

Now, what is Kaieteur News really alleging? The writer, being a daily reader of GINA’s website, can attest to the fact that the list was on the Agency’s publications site since Sunday. And since this media house has in the past sourced the government’s e-procurement service for advertisements to be published, is it not strange, one must agree, that it did not do so with such an important release as the list of national awardees? Had this print done so, at that material time, it would have been able to disseminate the data in its Monday’s edition.

So, what is all the noise about? Just another act of sensationalism on the part of this print, and attempts at publicity grabbing, seeking to repair a most foul reputation, exposed for its alien style journalism.

But this is vintage Kaieteur News, doing what it knows to do best: Propagate misinformation and lies.

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