Thursday, June 2, 2011

PNCR views the ERC as an obstacle to their sinister plot.


When examined in conjunction with David Granger's call for his former army squaddies to "come out on elections day" and ACDA's call to arms the PNCR's latest attempt to prevent the Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC ) from carrying out its constitutionally mandated functions via court action can be viewed as part of a wider conspiracy to destabilize the country.

It is obvious when one examines the sustained attacks aimed at discrediting the ERC that the PNC views that body as an obstacle to their sinister plot.
Further, during the meetings of the Appointive Committee(the latest of which was held on Tuesday May 31, 2011) none of the PNC Members of Parliament on the Committee saw it fit to disclose to the Committee members their intention to resort to a court ordered solution, a resort which was initiated formally since May 23, 2011.
So why else would the PNC resort to court actions as a means of stymieing the work of the ERC so close to elections except if there is a sinister plot afoot?

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