Friday, June 24, 2011

PNCR DISSOLVED!! APNU Partnership of Octogenarians launched!!

First it was PNC, then PNCR, then PNCR1G and now current leader Robert Corbin has taken it a step further when he today announced the dissolution of the PNC.
A grouping of seventy and eighty year old washed up politicians called A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) has taken its place and this announcement was made at a poorly attended and hastily arranged press conference at the Guyana Pegasus Hotel.

Today's act was seen by many as the final nail in the PNC's coffin , as well as an abandonment of the ideals and principles of Forbes Burnham, the party's founder leader. Many long time, stalwarts and senior party members such as Vincent Alexander, Aubrey Norton, Carl Greenidge, Dr. Aubrey Armstrong, Dr Faith Harding, Joseph Hamilton, James Mc Allister, Dr Richard Van West Charles and others were noticeably absent.
Onlookers observed that their absence signals their disapproval of this "coming together" of past political relics.
Everall Franklin of GAP/ROAR was wheelchair bound and Clive Thomas had to be assisted whilst trying to maneuver his crutches and this caused many onlookers to question the health competency of these aspiring leaders.

Surprisingly however, was the noticeable reticence of the grouping's Presidential candidate, David Granger. He was given very little opportunity to express his thoughts about the grouping and was forced to take a back seat as Corbin took full control of the proceedings.

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