Monday, June 13, 2011

Flood hit Reg 9 residents made to listen anti-PPP sermon and pose for pictures before receiving PNCR aid

David Granger speaking to Rupununi residents

All Guyanese should condemn the shameless prostitution of our Amerindian brothers and sisters by the PNCR and their Presidential candidate, David Granger.
In the aftermath of the severe flooding of several areas in Region 9 Granger and a team from the PNCR visited a few Amerindian communities and one's first thought would've been that such a gesture was aimed at providing much needed relief and words of encouragement to those in distress. Instead these visibly uncomfortable villagers had to subject themselves to 20 minutes of anti-PPP sermons and PNC promises before being made to line up to receive a parcel which consisted of a bottle of water, a roll of toilet tissue and a bar of soap whilst posing for pictures, videos etc.
This shows how insensitive the PNC and its Presidential candidate are to the suffering of these people and it also exposes their opportunistic nature. Prior to this catastrophe Granger and the PNC had zero interest in the affairs of these people.


  1. This is how they go about trying to lets people know that they have an idea to take Guyana forward by talking anti PPP,when people know that the they don't have nothing to offer if they get into power.

  2. SMH!!! If you are there to give assistance why the bad talk about the other smh.The PNC have no dignity they just looking for a political gain cause election is around the corner.smh