Thursday, June 2, 2011

A ‘criminal is a criminal’ and criminality knows no colour or race

Doza Medicine

Flash back, and the old timers will quickly realize that prior to the 60s, Indian businessmen and farmers were sparingly armed. Their primary weapons were shotguns. Then these arms were seized. The then British Governor, who had control over the Police and internal security as a whole, confiscated these ‘miniature arsenals.’ This was immediately before the PPP government was maneuvered out of office. What happened next? Well it was the advent of the PNC government. And this saw an unarmed Indian populace hemmed in by Burnham's politicization of the Police and Armed Forces. This was further enhanced by the establishment of the PNC paramilitary groups such as ‘House of Israel,’ and the wholesale issue of arms to PNC and YSM members, even to the point of arming known thugs and criminals. In fact it was often alleged that these thugs and criminals were "managed" by Congress Place. What a time it was in Guyana. Then came the big change in 1992: Free, fair and transparent elections came Guyana’s way. But there was no recrimination. Founder Leader (then) of the PPP made it quite clear, that vendetta will not be a part of his entourage nor his philosophy. This culture is still on-going currently in Guyana, under President Jagdeo.

We are currently experiencing an upsurge in violent crimes, just as violent as when the PNC was in power. One can quickly conjure up images of the days of ‘kick-down-the-door banditry’ and ‘choke and rob’ attacks. The traumatized Indian population are again finding themselves in despair. They expect a magic wand to be waved by the PPP. However the problem is not one of race. More clandestine and malevolent factors are at work.
Firstly, when the ACDA’s underlings, namely Tacoma Ogunseye opined that the ‘kith and kin’ factor would play in favour of the PNC, it is a forlorn hope, and one which smacks of racism. So far, under the present regime, not only has the government converted the thinking of the armed forces, it has extended that trust for fairness and equity. It is a great commentary on the rulership of the country, not to be bothered by the high percentage of Afro Guyanese in the security sector. After all, a true Guyanese should transcend race, and it is a shame that the ACDAs of Guyana cannot see this. So the Indians must realize that their being attack is simply because they are more business oriented than their Afro countrymen. So there is a need to exercise good judgement.

So the return of the PPP government in 1992 and subsequent "lack of an Indian-filled army and police force" are really signs of a competent Guyanese government. This ‘do foh do nah obeah’ is not the thinking of the PPP and will never be. Everyone, Indians and Blacks alike, must anticipate and work for a full return to being safe and secure; to be able to work, save, live and grow in peace and security and, in the case of Guyanese overseas, to also visit in peace and security. This must be the prerogative of ‘one and all.’
In the 2006 elections, tranquility was pervasive throughout Guyana, and this, one can imagine upset the Ogunseye’s of Guyana. It is a great travesty to the Afro Guyanese populace that one can even think that they have more of a penchant for unjust rivalry and trouble making, than they do for justice and peace. One has to realize that a ‘criminal is a criminal’ and criminality knows no colour or race. So yes, it seems as though they are being targeted, but they are targeted not because of race necessarily. It is election time, and it is not beyond the detractors of the PPP to resort to this nasty game. The watch word is simply to trust the leadership once again.

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