Friday, March 30, 2012

AFC misleading Lindeners

Some people want to forget – or pretend to forget – that politics in Guyana is not just ‘war by other means”. Ever so often it descends into the “real means” with guns and bombs and killings and maimings. That is where the budget debate in 1963 ended up and so many other budget debates in the last decade. We have not forgotten the Buxton “Freedom Fighters” have we? The claims of discrimination and ‘marginalisation’ in budgetary spending certainly fired them up. The AFC was just in Linden telling the people the government treats them like a “step child”. And the provocations for war continue.

All of this was brought to mind by the freeing of the “Three Treason Accused” by a magistrate recently. The government had evidence that these individuals were plotting to “wage war” against the government of Guyana. Much as the “Freedom Fighters” planned along with some others described as ‘outside political sophisticates’ by Eusi Kwayana. However, when the prosecutor filed the case, he didn’t place the required ‘overt act’ demanded by the elements of treason under the proper heading. And the accused are freed on this technicality!

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