Wednesday, March 21, 2012

APNU and its SOP findings.

APNU has finally released its ‘findings’ on the Statement of Polls (SoPs) it bullied GECOM into handing over almost four months ago. It was as we had long predicted: the mountain laboured long and mightily and produced a mouse! They found some minor discrepancies, but as Granger had telegraphed earlier, nothing that would have altered the results from even a single polling station!

What else could APNU produce? From the very beginning they used the fig leaf of SoPs to execute the SOPs most familiar to all PNC and the APNU military-top heavy staff – Standard Operating Orders to create the most confusion under the cover of which they might seize power. These SOPs unfolded to its zenith in 1997 when riots truncated two years from the PPP’s term of office. Even before the elections, Granger’s acolyte and ex-GDF officer Malcolm Harripaul had floated the red herring that the PPP was going to rig the elections.
Not being able to manufacture anything of substance to buttress their charge, APNU responded with another old PNC SOP – to bob and weave and create new charges. The complaint now is that private homes were used as “polling stations”. Gasp! This is news? Private homes in areas lacking public institutional facilities have always been used as polling stations. Is APNU suggesting that we now build new structures in these areas for every election? Dolts!
APNU produced figures purportedly showing that in the polling stations in homes, PPP won a higher percentage of votes than their overall average in Region Four. So GECOM actually picked these homes – which in any case like all polling stations had the requisite number of APNU polling agents etc – knowing that they would deliver a majority to the PPP? By what mechanism? Of course, the APNU brain trust is silent.
Even if their numbers are valid, to distinguish correlation from causation is beyond the ken of this lot. If their left eye twitches and then it rains; they’ll conclude their twitching can actually precipitate rain. And they want to run this country! Most likely to run it into the ground once again.

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