Friday, March 30, 2012

Kissoon’s contract properly terminated- Chief Labour Officer

The Chief Labour, Occupational Health and Safety Officer of the Ministry of Labour, Charles Ogle, has said that the recommendation that Mr. Frederick Kissoon be paid from May to August 2012 has no merit in law.
“The (recommendation) has no merit in law since the University of Guyana honoured its obligation under the contracts by granting payment of three months’ salary in lieu of notice as provided for in the said contract.”

The decision by the Chief Labour, Occupational Health and Safety Officer represented the findings of the conciliation and was communicated to Dr. Patsy Francis, President of the University of Guyana Staff Association and copied to Bruce Haynes, President of the University of Guyana Workers’ Union; Compton Bourne, Chancellor of the University of Guyana; Dr. Prem Misir, Pro Chancellor and Dr. Marlene Cox, Vice Chancellor.
The University of Guyana Staff Association had also called for a review of the manner in which the contracts were terminated. The arbitrator found that “it is the prerogative of the employer to continue to rehire workers after they would have attained the retirement age.”
He added that as a consequence, no trade union or other workers’ organisation can compel an employer to do so.
“It should be noted that an employer has the right to terminate a contract of employment, provided adequate notice is given or payment in lieu thereof.”


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