Friday, March 2, 2012

The bogus Adam Harris v/s Freddie Kissoon dispute.

No one should allow themselves to be fooled by the current dispute being played out in the letter pages of the Kaieteur News between the newspaper's editor-in-chief Adam Harris and columnist Freddie Kissoon.
The two are currently engaged in what to the average reader might seem like a bitter dispute over Kissoon's disclosure of the source of an email sent in confidence to Harris which the latter in turn forwarded to Kissoon for use in an article. Kissoon in the said article revealed the source of the email, much to Harris' consternation. A seemingly embarrassed Harris, then sought to save face by placing the blame squarely at the feet of Kissoon.

How Kaieteur News benefit from this?

This exchange of insults between the two is an attempt to make that newspaper appear to its readers as though it's tolerant of criticisms, fair, allows dissent within its ranks and respects the opinion of others even when they run contrary to those of the publisher and his editor-in-chief. It is all a charade.
Harris as the newspapers' editor-in-chief would've been privy to the contents of Kissoon's offensive article before its publication and was in a position to raise his objection to the revelation of the source but he didn't. Instead he allowed it to be published and subsequently penned a letter supposedly berating Kissoon's actions. The whole act was orchestrated by the KN. They deliberately revealed the source of the email.

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