Monday, March 12, 2012

Late Minister's wife responds to Greenidge's lie.

In response to several queries made by a letter writer regarding the purchase of his Bel Air Springs home from NICIL while functioning as Finance Minister in the PNC government, Carl Greenidge wrote in a letter carried in the Stabroek News:

In 1992, after it came to Office, Dr. Cheddi Jagan’s Government embarked on the same exercise. A little later, although the Government sold a nearby property in Bel Air Gardens to Minister Shree Chan at a fraction of the cost I paid for my residence, they started a smear campaign accusing me of having acquired the property for G$24,000.

The late Minister's wife responded to Greenidge's lie:

Mrs Shree Chand: I would appreciate if you could publish the following response to Mr. Greenidge’s letter titled `I have never bought anything from NICIL…” printed in your Sunday Stabroek edition of March 11, 2012.Mr Greenidge if you are going to say anything about the dead it should at least be the truth. Late Minister Shree Chan never bought any property from any government. He lived with his family in a house provided by the government until the time of his death. As someone who claims that his reputation is being unjustifiably tarnished you should understand the importance of getting your facts straight.

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