Monday, March 5, 2012

The utter bleakness of UG as an institution of ‘higher learning’ cruelly exposed during Chris Ram’s attack on Ralph Ramkarran

The utter bleakness of UG as an institution of ‘higher learning’ was cruelly exposed in Chris Ram’s latest attempt to gain some attention by once again snapping at the heels of Senior Counsel Ralph Ramkarran. Mr Ram revealed that he lectures at the UG Law School! The man is barely out of law school (two years?) and he’s lecturing? No wonder he supported the rehiring of the slacker, Kissoon!
So the newly-matriculated junior lawyer ostentatiously and self-servingly referred to himself as “someone engaged in teaching” who clarifies matters to his ‘students’. How can he clarify anything if the matter is not even clear to him”? His letters make it very evident that Ram is a very confused man. Woe be unto his students!
The point of Ramkarran’s argument (the ‘gravamen’— the gravamen!) was that even under the new, revised Section 41 of the FMAA, once the additional expenditure was “necessary (‘unavoidable’, ‘unforeseen’ and ‘urgent’) and that its postponement will lead to injury to the public interest”, the appropriations should have been passed. Again as Ramkarran pointed out, if there are doubts as to the quantum or probity of the expenditure, etc, procedures (such as audits by the AG’s office) exist to deal with them. Ram is unable to counter this point and prances around with irrelevancies of other sections of the wider act. It’s all ‘dicta’, Ram, “dicta”. Look up the legal usage.
But none of this matters to him and the rest of the opposition. Unable to find a rational reason for the their singling out and rejecting the speciality hospital, Ramkarran speculated that PNC executive member Hamilton Green’s publicly racist (and unchallenged) assertions might have coloured their thinking. And Ram accused Ramkarran of being “racist”! Ramkarran said his ‘bilge’ was ‘unworthy’ of him: it’s not. This is who Christopher Ram is.
A damaged psyche is a terrible burden to bear. Even moving from bookkeeper to lawyer (in his dotage) hasn’t helped.

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  1. Christopher Ram is one sly homegrown terrorist. He turned into a lawyer so he can write those cease and desist letters to Wordpress and Blogger on websites that expose him or criticise him too much.