Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Greenidge's announced non-participation in Budget talks the best thing given his dismal record as Finance Minister

Greenidge's 1987 Budget was described as '10 to 1 is murder'

Former Finance Minister in the PNC government and current APNU shadow Finance Minister, Carl Greenidge recently told the Stabroek News that he will not be attending a proposed meeting between the government and opposition scheduled for tomorrow to discuss this year’s budget, since he is yet to be convinced that the administration is interested in anything more than a public relations show. And this was after the current Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh had cause to expose Greenidge's lie that the government was reluctant to hold any such meeting.
For us here at Liveinguyana this is the best thing to ever come out Greenidge's mouth as he has been a failure where Guyana's finance is concern and his dismal record of being this country's worst Finance Minister still stands.
It boggles our minds as to what Greenidge's involvement in such a configuration would've brought to the table.


  1. Greenidge will not be participating in the meeting cause he knows that his ideas are non of substance and he knows that Guyana was driven to the ground under his reign as finance minister.

  2. Well if he doesn't attend the talks it wouldn't matter cause Greenidge realize that the people are reading about what happen to Guyana and knows that he is just trying to make a fool of himself by accusing the PPP of wrong doing which he is the 1.