Monday, March 5, 2012

AFC Region 2 Councillor quits party citing disagreement with decisions made

Former Alliance For Change (AFC) Region Two Councillor Francis Darchiville has tendered his resignation from the party.
Darchiville in an interview said his decision was based principally on some of the most critical decisions that were made within the party’s leadership over the past five years. He stated that for some reason or the other, he was sidelined.

Francis Darchiville

Darchiville said while his primary decision has nothing to do with any personal grievances with the fabric of the leadership of the party, he does not feel comfortable, especially with an earlier decision made whereby he was sidelined.
The former AFC councillor is contending that earlier in January, a meeting was called at the national level where appointments from the list of regional contenders was to be decided, and he was not informed via email or telephone by the secretary of the national executive of the party.
“I personally do not feel that people who have given of their time, loyalty and means for six years should be sidelined just to accommodate people who are considered newcomers.”
Darchiville added that another reason for his decision has to do with his health. He said because of his ill-health, he could not give of his best.
The former AFC councillor said he wants also to make persons, especially in Essequibo, aware that he has made a decision to no longer be affiliated with the party, and as such, he wants to be less associated with the concerns of persons who would daily seek his advice on varying topical issues, especially in Region Two.

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