Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The GDF's Credit Union problems date back to Granger's intervention to facilitate Harripaul loan.

The claims of problems in the GDF’s Credit Union go way back. Malcolm Harripaul revealed that when Granger was head of the army, he unilaterally approved a loan even though the ranks in charge of the Credit Union had turned Harripaul down. Harripaul is now repaying Granger by his political support.

In Harripaul’s own words in a letter to SN, (October 2, 2010) he wrote, “I remember well I once went to him (David Granger) with a problem. The credit union had for the second time turned down my application for a loan on the grounds that I did not have sufficient service, although they had twice given loans to another officer who had less service than me. I explained my case to Brig Granger and he was visibly upset. He called the officer on the phone and calmly said, “I have young Harripaul in my office. Could you please bring me his cheque for the loan he applied for? In less than five minutes the cheque was brought.”

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