Thursday, March 15, 2012

What happened to all the PNC/APNU/AFC fat talk about sharing and one love?

After the PNC took cover under the fig leaf of APNU with the motley remnants of the WPA, they retained their fervent promises of ‘power sharing’ with the PPP – if they were to win the elections. It must have convinced some Guyanese – those that hoped for a less fractious politics – to vote for them. They got four additional seats.

So what happened to all that fat talk about ‘sharing” and one love? Through the window or into the dustbin, that’s what! We now know that such talk was all just meant to mamaguy the people. Let’s face it – the PNC/APNU/AFC combine won control of Parliament. And they’re never tired of telling the Guyanese people about their majority and their ‘mandate’. So why didn’t they put their money where their mouth was, and make accommodations with the PPP?
The fact of the matter is the talk was just in their mouths – never in their hearts. The PNC/APNU combine knew that the biggest rap against them was the collective memory of the Guyanese people about their dictatorial history when they had created a police state in Guyana. The 35:1 people to armed personnel ration of the PNC regime was among the highest in the world. You had to be careful of speaking even to your neighbours – you never knew who would ‘carry news’ to the police and you would be thrown into jail.
So we come back to PNC/APNU with its totalitarian genes. What else can you expect? They haven’t just not accommodated the PPP – but actually locked them out from any meaningful input in ‘their’ Parliament. Today they have promised to seize control of every committee in the House – come hell or high water.
We hope the people of Guyana, especially those that might have been swayed by PNC/APNU’s mealy-mouthed promises, are taking note. Whatever the concerns are about the PPP; at least they rebuilt the economy. Remember what the PNC did during their (illegal) turn at the helm? Talk is cheap – especially fat talk!

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  1. Hippocrates is what i call dem... they were given the majority for a reason and that is to meet the needs of the people of Guyana and so far "NADA" all they do is fight among each other,and waste time. i do hope that we get another election soon so we can get rid of these incompetent people and let the Government continue to develop our beautiful land.